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Charleston Sea Jewels is a company who was born to create and enhance beauty..Starting with nature's raw shells of beauty and embellishing beyond...with a unique twist! It's is a company who aspires to be the best at what they create and settle for nothing less! We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to create unique beauty in such a way that brings happiness to others.Whether it is to enhance one's home or to add extra special beauty and joy to a bride and groom's wedding day! Or perhaps, simply by generating a smile on one of our customer's face by evoking a special memory or moment in time. This is what makes our treasures of the sea so magical and to be treasured over time. We simply want to make a difference and bring enjoyment to others! Each of our unique creations are made for you with love!

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Charleston Sea Jewels
17103 Sweet Place
Charleston, SC 29492 954-551-1735


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